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Our baby unit has three baby rooms, each with its own separate learning space and sleep area. 

The learning spaces each have a messy play area which is where meals are also consumed, and a separate soft carpeted play area which is used for storytime and other activites. The rooms are furnished to a high standard, recreating the atmosphere of the family home to help babies feel settled and comforted. 

We welcome breastfeeding mothers and have a dedicated area for feeding, as well as an infant feeding coach, who can help support your feeding journey. Click here to read more. We can support you to store your own expressed milk, creating a 'milk bank' for your baby! 

We also offer a selection of formula milk.

Babies who are weaning are offered a varied, healthy diet prepared with fresh ingredients by our head cook. Our approach to feeding helps to introduce many new tastes and textures to encourage healthy eating habits.

Nappies and wipes are supplied by us, however you are welcome to provide your own reuseable nappies and wipes if you prefer. We also have a laundry facility on site to take care of any 'heavy soiling!'


Our toddler unit has two main rooms. Both rooms have excellent facilities for toddlers to enjoy, including soft play and a large role play area including a play kitchen. Each room caters for around nine to twelve toddlers, with three members of staff in each room. Both rooms are furnished to a very high standard, creating a safe, secure family atmosphere where toddlers can feel at home. Toddlers will have their own base room where they will spend the majority of their sessions, whilst spending time on other areas of the nursery to explore different play experiences, ensuring that every toddler's day is stimulating, varied and enjoyable. Toddlers will enjoy our daily menus prepared with fresh ingredients.

Toddlers will be encouraged to rest and relax and to have a sleep for a short while after lunch. They can do this within their room on mats or in beds or cots within the bedroom, however they feel most comfortable and secure. Each toddler has his/her own bedding that is laundered frequently. 

Nappies and wipes are supplied by Little Foxes, however you are welcome to bring in your own reuseable nappies/wipes if you wish. When it is time for potty training we are happy to meet with your requirements and work with you to make this as smooth as possible. Our own potties and tiny loos help the process along! 


Nursery School

Children usually move into Nursery School when they are around three years old, however, we believe in grouping children according to their social, emotional and academic abilities. This means that children will move to Nursery School when they are ready to do so. 

The Nursery School has a main room where the focus is on early mathematical skills, small and large construction, and encouraging imaginative play in the large role-play area.

The Library within Nursery School provides a calm environment for quiet time to share books, listen to stories and music, and develop early language and literacy skills. 

We have a Craft Room within Nursery School which has a large water & sand tray and lots of other learning and play resources. It's a great place for all things messy!

The Nursery rooms are decorated and furnished to a very high standard, creating a stimulating environment in which to learn, whilst retaining a family home atmosphere to enable children to feel self-assured and relaxed in their environment. 


Children move into Pre-Prep between three and a half and four years of age. Children can stay in this room until their fifth birthday or when they start school. 

The emphasis in Pre-Prep is on working with the Early Years Foundation Stage, but developing each child to their full potential whilst nurturing a love for learning.


Children receive a good balance of small and larger group activities, helping to develop interpersonal and communication skills . The well-planned curriculum is teacher-led, with time for structured free play with freedom of choice to encourage self-assurance. 

Our aim in Pre-Prep is to help you and your child to feel as confident and prepared as possible ahead of starting big school! 

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