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We offer our children a healthy and balanced diet with our menus planned on a four-weekly basis to ensure children get a varied and nutritious diet. We take pride in what our Little Foxes family eat and make extra use of all the fruit and vegetables that are in season.  

All our meals are freshly prepared and cooked on-site in our professional kitchen, from Babies all the way to Pre-prep children. Our professional kitchen team use only the freshest ingredients to prepare and cook meals for breakfast, lunch and tea.

Water and fresh fruit are available in all rooms throughout the sessions.


We are happy to cater for special diets or allergies and we can meet with you to discuss your child's needs.

Please see a sample menu for Toddlers to Pre-Prep below.


Cereal with whole milk

Toast with spreads


Mid-morning snack

Red pepper hummus on wheat crackers

or fresh fruit


Thai fish curry with boiled rice

Apple & sunflower seed crumble with custard

Mid-afternoon snack

Buttered brioche roll or fresh fruit


Spiralized sweet potato and sausage soup

Fruit yoghurt

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