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We have a state of the art hydropool that all children at Little Foxes get to enjoy. 

The pool gives children the opportunity to have fun and relax whilst developing good muscle control and full sensory development. The pool is the ideal environment to teach early swimming skills, with a member of staff always joining the children in the pool using armbands and floats. 

Multi-Sensory Room

We are very proud of our multi-sensory room; a calming, white space with soft, padded walls and floor to encourage exploration and discovery. 

The multi-sensory room has specially designed interactive equipment encouraging hand-eye co-ordination, cause and effect skills and tactile experiences. 


The School Hall

The School Hall is a spacious room providing a communal space where children take part in music, dance and drama. We have an excellent range of musical instruments and employ professionals to teach music, dance and French. The hall is also equipped with PE apparatus for all ages, which is very popular with the children and is fantastic for the development of physical skills and co-ordination.

Gardens and Meadow

Children spend time outside most days, come rain or shine! We have plenty of outdoor space that is divided into sections for the children to enjoy at different stages of their time with us.

The main garden is primarily for use by three to five year olds and is equipped with a large play fort, huge sandpit, large mark-making boards, an under cover patio and an area for ball games. The grounds are a mixture of artifical grass and a soft, bouncy safety surface which provides a safe and fun environment.

The toddler garden is for use by children aged around fifteen to thirty six months. The grassed area is equipped with a pirate ship and play house. There is also a small sandpit and covered patio area with a safety surface.

Our multi-sensory garden is used by all children as a relaxing area to sit in or share stories. It is ideal for babies to crawl through fragrant grasses, with many stimulating little areas to explore and develop the senses.

We also have our very own meadow, a large open space with views over the Dauntsey Vale. This is a great space for physical activities, picnics, and watching the local wildlife.

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