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Out of School Club

Our out of school club Little Foxes @ BEDS offers before and after school sessions for primary school aged children attending Brinkworth Earl Danby's School at the school's Lower Site.


A morning minibus drop-off service is available from Little Foxes to the school site. Our Breakfast Club is open from 7:30am Monday to Friday. Afternoon sessions run from school closing time daily, with children from the school's Upper Site collected by minibus and dropped off at Lower site for the afternoon session, which finishes at 6pm. The afternoon session includes activities and a light snack.

Our Holiday Club operates throughout the school holidays from Little Foxes and for Brinkworth Earl Danby's teacher training / 'inset' days. We offer morning, afternoon, school day (9a.m.-4p.m.), and full day sessions at our Holiday Club, which is available for all primary-aged children, regardless of which school they attend.


For further information please visit our Club site:

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