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Childcare Units

Little Foxes Childcare is divided into five main units. The first floor of the building houses the Baby Unit and the Toddler Unit. The ground floor houses the Nursery School and Pre-Prep units, as well as the Out of School Club.

Baby Unit

The baby unit has three baby rooms, each with its own family room and bedroom. The family rooms each have a messy/feeding area, with a separate soft carpeted play area. They are furnished to a high standard, recreating the atmosphere of the family home.

Babies are able to relax and develop excellent hand-eye co-ordination, muscle control and all areas of sensory development within our multi-sensory room and hydro therapy pool. The pool is also excellent for the development of early water skills. The school hall also has equipment for babies to develop strong muscle control and co-ordination.

Feeding - We encourage breast feeding mothers and have an area for feeding. We can help you create and store for you your own milk bank, and staff are always available to offer advice.

We offer a good selection of formula milk. All baby food is prepared with fresh ingredients by our head cook. Babies are offered a varied, healthy balanced diet, introducing many new tastes to encourage healthy eating habits.

Nappies and all janitorial products are supplied by Little Foxes.
All babies laundry can be cared for on site.

Toddler Unit

Our toddler unit comprises two main rooms. Each of the rooms has a main feature. Toddler two's main feature is soft play and Toddler three's main feature is a large role play area. Each room is designed for nine to twelve toddlers and three members of staff. Both rooms are furnished to a very high standard, again creating a safe, secure family atmosphere. Toddlers will have their own base room where they will spend the majority of their sessions, whilst spending time in the other rooms to explore different play experiences, ensuring that every toddler's day is stimulating, varied and enjoyable.

Our school hall also has equipment to develop hand eye co-ordination, balance and stronger muscle control as well as a large area for music, dance and drama.

Toddler rest periods will be followed as they do at home, but all toddlers will be encouraged to rest listening to music or a story, and to sleep for a short while after lunch. This they can do in their own room on mats or in beds or cots within the bedroom. Each toddler has his/her own bedding and personal storage.

Nappies and all janitorial products are supplied by Little Foxes. When it is time for potty training we are happy to meet with your requirements. Our own potties and tiny loos help the process along! Again, this is an excellent time to introduce personal skills.

Nursery School

Children usually move into the Nursery when they are around three years old. However, we believe in grouping children according to their social, emotional and academic abilities. This means that children will move to the Nursery when they are ready to do so, or remain within the smaller toddler rooms for a little longer.

The Nursery School has a main room where the focus is on early mathematical skills, small and large construction, and has a large role-play area.

The Library provides quiet times to share books, listen to stories and music, and develop early language and literacy skills.

The Craft room has a large water & sand tray and has lots of resources. It's a great place for all things messy!

The Nursery rooms are decorated and furnished to a very high standard. This creates a stimulating environment in which to learn whilst retaining a family atmosphere.

Pre Prep

The children move into Pre Prep between three and a half and four years. Children can stay in this room until after their fifth birthday when they join full time education. Some children do leave anytime after their fourth birthday and this depends upon parents' personal choice.

The emphasis is on working with the Early Years Foundation Stage but developing each child to their full potential whilst nurturing a love for learning. Children receive a good balance of small and larger group activities. A well planned curriculum is teacher led, with time for structured free play with freedom of choice.

The Pre Prep room is well organised and encourages self reliance and freedom of choice. Individual lesson plans are produced and parents receive topic details and daily reports.

Out Of School Club

The Out of School Club is organised for children aged between five and eleven years of age. When on the premises the club use the School Hall as their base room. They form their own unit and are able to use all the facilities at Little Foxes. The group is not mixed with the younger children.

We are able to take children to and collect from Brinkworth's Earl Danby's School, both upper and lower sites, as well as Walter Powell School in Great Somerford.

Please visit the OSC page for further details on the OSC.

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