Security cameras have been installed to monitor the main entrance and car park. This is the only access point for parents and carers, visitors and staff. There is also a security system which allows entrance to the main lobby and reception.

Hydro Therapy Pool

All babies and children, irrespective of the sessions they attend, have the opportunity to use the pool as a fun way to relax and have a good time, but most importantly to develop good muscle control and full sensory development. The room is extremely beneficial for children with special needs.

Parents are also welcome to book time in the pool during "drop in" sessions, or at any time the pool is not being used by the nursery.

Multi Sensory Room

A calming white space room with soft walls and floor to encourage exploration with specially designed equipment. Ideal for all ages, this room is a key area for the sensory development of children with special needs.

Parent Sitting Room

Whilst settling your child(ren) into nursery we have a small parent sitting room, where refreshments are available.

Creative Development

Each room at Little Foxes has a wet area for creative development. The children have access to a variety of tools and mediums. Activities can be directed or totally free.

School Hall

The school hall provides the opportunity for music, dance and drama. We have an excellent range of musical instruments and employ professionals to teach music, dance and drama. The hall is also equipped with physical apparatus for all ages.

Main Garden

This garden is for use by three to five year olds. It is equipped with a large play fort, an under cover patio and an area for ball games.

Toddler Garden

This garden is for use by children aged fifteen to thirty six months. The grassed area is equipped with a pirate ship and play house. There is also a covered patio area.

Multi Sensory Garden

This is used by all children as a relaxing area to sit in or share stories. It is ideal for babies to crawl through fragrant grasses, with many stimulating little areas to explore and develop the senses.

Laundry Room

We have two laundry staff who insure all bedding, towels and children's clothes throughout the day are clean and ironed. Parents can opt for babies to be changed into Little Foxes snuggle clothes, so as to save on personal laundry.

We also offer a laundry service to parents for all children's clothes. Please contact us for details.